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We'd love to hear what you think of the project by completing the short feedback survey below.

About the feedback survey

The survey is about facilitating feedback from users to the team behind this platform. The data collected in this survey will be used to improve the platform. It may also be used in a general sense to inform future conservation efforts.

This project has been funded by the UQ Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science (CBCS) and Green Fire Science (GFS) group with additional support from the QUT Design Lab.

There are a combination of text and rating (0 to 10) based questions.

Once you start to answer the survey, it will take approximately 3 minutes to complete.

By completing the survey you can contribute your experience, thoughts, and ideas to inform future versions of the project. Other than that, and its broad impact for conservation, research projects such as these may develop into producing benefits that we cannot foresee at this point in time.

As we are not collecting any identifiable data and the questions are only around perceived experience using the platform, thus we do not anticipate any risks or disadvantages.

No information that is identifiable to you will be asked. The information that you enter will be stored on web and local servers. It is possible that the results of this survey will be published and/or presented in a variety of forms.

Your participation in this research is voluntary and you are free to withdraw from the survey prior to submitting without needing to provide any explanation. Withdrawing from the survey will not be possible after submitting as there is no way for the research team to identify and destroy your responses.

Yes. However, there is no way for us to notify you. Please stay up-to-date with our research by following us on social media.

This study adheres to the Guidelines of the ethical review process of The University of Queensland and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. Whilst you are free to discuss your participation in this study with the lead researcher contactable via their academic profile, if you would like to speak to an officer of the University not involved in the study, you may contact the Ethics Coordinator on +617 3365 3924 / +617 3443 1656 or email

This research Ethics ID number: HE000189

Feedback survey


Are you going to take any actions as a result of using the web app?
The information on this website was easy to understand:

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